Willys MB Jeeps

Willys MB (1942 - 1945) was called the American hero of World War II.  There were 335,531 units produced during 3 years of production.  Willys MB was designed by the Willys-Overland Motors.

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jeep willys mb gpw Hood

jeep willys mb gpw Hood

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Willys MB Jeeps Sold

Here are some of our favorite Willys MBs sold in auctions.
1945 Willys MB
Sold on July 21, 2008 for $40,000.00
Mileage : 281 miles
1945 Willys MB
This Willys MB was built on August 20, 1945, which is the last day of delivery and last jeep known built that day. This is a very special one. It was beautifully restored by the seller. He claims that he could have restored 4 Ferraris in the time it took him to restore this jeep.  
The seller used rare Willys parts to restore this Jeep.  For example, the Capstain Winch he has put there is one of 2,000 made in World War II with original paint and the shovel is the rare D-Ring shovel only found in early World War I vehicles.  This awesome Willys was sold for $40,000.
1944 Willys MB
Sold on July 20, 2008 for $12,300.00
Mileage : 5,000 miles
1944 Willys Jeep MB
This is a 1944 Willys MB Radio Jeep which was stationed in the Arctic on a SAC military base during World War II.  5,000 miles is the original mileage.  The Jeep was stored in a heated garage for more than 40 years and was in very good condition when it was on sale. 
According to the seller, the parts are 90% original.  The engine is the original Willys Go Devil and it is equipped with all new NDT (non directional tread) tires.  NDT tires were used during the War to hide which way the Jeep headed.  It couldn't be tracked by the direction of the tread.  I also comes with the original axe, shovel, and fire extinguisher.  This Willys MB was sold for $12,300.00.